Golden Days!

Posted Thursday, December 21, 2017 by Raskelot , tagged Mu Legend Event

Season's greetings, Mutizens!

It's that time of year again, a time of joy and celebration for all.
With that in mind, our team has prepared something really special for you!
It's time to boost your character, it's time for an avalanche of GOLD!!!

GOLDEN DAYS have arrived in the lands of MU Legend!

For 6 days, from 22/12 (10 AM UTC) to 27/12 (after the maintenance), we're going crazy with an EXP, Soul EXP, Zen gain, Magic Gem gain & Item Drop Rate BOOOOOOST!!! ALL AT ONCE!!!

"That's all?", you ask? No, of course not! It wouldn't truly be golden days without special offers in the shop, too!
Warn your friends, jump on your favorite character and kick through those snowy dungeon doors!
The time of abundance is here!

[Event Period]: 22/12/2017, 10 AM (UTC) ~ 27/12/2017 (after the maintenance)


o +20% EXP Bonus
o +20% SOUL EXP Bonus
o +20% Zen Gain Bonus
o +20% Magic Gem Gain Bonus
o +20% Item Drop Rate Bonus

• SALES – From 22/12, 10 AM UTC ~ 27/12 (after the maintenance)

o 20% Discount on Imprint Scrolls

We hope you all enjoy these GOLDEN DAYS in MU Legend!