Patch Notes 19/12/2017

Posted Tuesday, December 19, 2017 by amad , tagged MU Legend Patch Notes

Dear MUtizens,
today we had a regular maintenance and we applied some fixes to errors reported by you in our forums or by Support ticket.

- Fixed a bug where the damage of “Venti” in the Gem Mine, was applied before the actual skill animation was visible.
- We’ve applied new calendar settings, in order to follow the regional settings.
- Fixed a bug where the drop-down menu in the mail box was not activated when there are more than 10 people added to the friend list.
- Fixed an issue that showed up if a character leaves the PVP area in a 1 Vs 1 fight.
- Fixed the error where characters became invisible for a certain amount of time after resurrecting them in the 3 Vs 3 PVP mode.
- Several texts in game got a change

The servers are already open. Have fun playing MU Legend.
Sincerely yours,
MU Legend Team