January Update : New items in the Shop !

Posted Tuesday, January 9, 2018 by Raskelot , tagged Mu Legend Shop

Hello MUtizens!

As we start a fresh new year, it's time for the Legend Shop to get its first update of 2018!


Make your character look even more awesome with newly added costumes, wings and mounts! But wait, looks aren't everything, right? With this in mind, we've added new bundles for all levels that will be more than helpful during your adventures.

Speaking of awesomeness: Have you ever gone through the tutorial and thought, "Wow, I wish my character could keep looking like that…"? Well, now's your chance to make this wish come true!

The Devias Knights Full Plate Armor is now available on the MU Continent. Your hero might not have his memory back yet, but at least he'll have his armor!

There's a very famous saying in Ordhor, that goes: "Every costume needs the right pair of wings."

It'd be a shame to contradict these wise words, wouldn't it?

Get your Devias Wings and fly above the MU continent with style (even if it's just a few inches above the ground)!

Don't want to fly? It's okay, anybody would understand that a busy champion like yourself needs to rest between a couple of fierce dungeon raids. That's why a new, devoted and well-dressed pack of mounts are here to help you. They've been trained by the best tamers of the MU continent!

Additionally, 3 new bundles will be available to help you on your journey. There's one for every kind of adventure, all you have to do is pick the right one for you:

The Beginner Bundle will help you begin your journey with a special set of items. Just enough to set you off in the right direction. The direction of your future legend.

- 10x Resurrection Stones of Life
- 10x Holy Recovery Potions (Large)
- 1x Time Traveling Pet Box
- 1x Pet Evolution Stone
- Kelbra Wings (3 Days)

The Ordhor Bundle will help you get to the next level. It's recommended for use from level 25, so you'll need to prove yourself first!

- 20x Resurrection Stones of Life
- 10x EXP Potions
- Gold Service (7 Days)
- 1x Pet Evolution Stone

Last but not least, the Welcome to the Jungle Bundle is only for the best warriors. We're not playing anymore (well, it's a game, so technically we are, but... you get what we mean!). Ideal for high-level players.

- Gold Service (7 Days)
- 1x Pet Evolution Stone
- 1x Time Traveling Pet Box
- 50x Resurrection Stones of Life
- 50x Holy Recovery Potions (Large)
- 5x Blue Imprint Scrolls
- 5x Red Imprint Scrolls
- Kelbra Wings (7 Days)

We hope this gives you and your character the best possible start to 2018.
Travel safe, and stay on the roads - we heard the Pandemonium Army is particularly active this time of the year…

Your MU Legend team.