Name Description
Growing Sprout Growing Sprout Attacks create a 0.25% chance of increasing Attack by 5% for 2 seconds.
Level 20 Effect : Increases Defense by 5%.
Endurance Endurance When attacked by an enemy, increases Defenses by 2.02% for 3 seconds. (Max Stacks: 10)
Level 20 Effect : Increased Defense, when max-stacked, increases HP Recovery per second by 30% for 5 seconds.
Sunrise Sunrise Attacks create a 0.4% chance of casting Rugard's Touch around you.
Level 20 Effect : Creates a very low chance of casting Bulcan's Gaze.
Frozen Heart Frozen Heart Increases Critical Rate by 5.2% at the cost of HP Recovery per Second.
Level 20 Effect : Causes Cold Explosion with every enemy killed by Critical hit. (Cooldown: 15 seconds)
Rainbow Rainbow Attacks create a 0.2% chance of casting a random buff on you.
Level 20 Effect : Attacks create a very low chance of casting all buff at once. This effect persists for 10 seconds.
Mask Performance Mask Performance When your HP drops to 30% or lower, this artifact casts Stealth for 5 seconds and increases Evasion Rate by 5.5% . (Cooldown: 20 seconds)
Level 20 Effect : Increases Movement Speed by 50% and ignores unit collision for 5 seconds.
Frenzy Frenzy Attacks increase Attack by 1.02% for 2 seconds. (Max Stacks: 10)
Level 20 Effect : Increased Attack, when max-stacked, increases all speeds by 15% for 10 seconds.
Tenacity Tenacity Knocked back and Airborne enemies increase your Attack by 11% for 3 seconds.
Level 20 Effect : Damage from enemies' Crowd Control skills decrease your incoming damage by 20% and increase Movement Speed by 10% for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 20 seconds)
Allegro Allegro Successful dodges decrease Attack and Defense for surrounding enemies by 0.5% for 3 seconds.
Level 20 Effect : 2 successful dodges in a row inflict great damage on a narrow area and Stun the enemies. (Cooldown: 20 seconds)
Hysteria Hysteria Decreases basic Damage by 3O% and increases Critical Damage by 12% .
Level 20 Effect : Critical attacks create a very low chance of inflicting additional 400% damage.